Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's gettin' mighty interesting out there...

The dream is still alive! - With home sweeps of Purdue and Indiana, the Fightin' Scrubbing bubbles of Illinois are now two matches over .500. This is like being down to your last man in Galaga but still needing 30,000 points for the high score.

Look who brought their brooms to Florida - Mizzou got over a huge Gator-sized bump with a 3-0 win in G'ville.

Take that, RPI! - Seton Hall upsets Creighton, which means the Blue Jays will probably move up three spots in the next rankings...

Well that was rude. - First year at UCSB, and Lantagne Welch is already making life miserable for the neighborhood veteran, CSUN, by beating them in 5. Manners!

It happened again - Utah Valley beats Cal St. Bakersfield 25-9 in the first game, loses the match 16-14 in the fifth. Is this a pumpkin / midnight type of phenomenon? Is there a certain hour at which some teams lose their mojo?

Armed forces conflagration ends in peaceful detente - Fancy way of saying Army beat Navy.

Vansant: still pretty average - 21 kills and only 3 errors in 48 swings is certainly one way to beat the Trojans, I mean, if you're in to that kind of...excellence.

The other way to beat USC - Hit .100 points lower, have 7 fewer blocks, yet still squeak out a 21-19 win in the fifth game, the way Washington State did.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Now that's a weekend.

That's...unfortunate? - Jordan Shaw notched her 1,000th kill, but at what cost!? I say at what cost?! Well, they lost to Pepperdiners and LMU, so...yay?

I see you, Va Tech! - Big honkin' Hokie weekend, with wins over Miami and Fla St., which should take the sting out of last weekend's shenanigans.

Mizzou?! - Still undefeated.

Texas?! - Still winning.

So one game blowouts mean nothing now? - Central Michigan beat Western Michigan 25-8 in game one, then lost in five. Sacred Heart beat CCSU 25-7 in game three, then lost in five. Georgia Tech won game three 25-11 against NC State, then lost in five. Indiana State beat Missouri State 25-11 in game two and then lost in five. The lesson? Never try _too_ hard.

Illinois still playing with fire - They are soooo close to being in or out of the tourney, the school is thinking of changing their name from Fighting Illini to Scrubbing Bubbles. Three wins in a row have them looking better.

Wahoo for Wahoos! - At 15-11 and 8-6, UVA is almost back to where they were during the Reign of Shelton.

Congrats to Yale...for now - Yale becomes the first qualifier for the NCAA tournament, and in return most likely gets a 48-hour pass to Happy Valley. Enjoy. (BTW, you know all Ivy League kneepads are made out from tweed, right?)

Who woke up SJSU? - Three wins in a row over Nevada, San Diego State, and UNLV. What gives?