Sunday, October 20, 2013

Who has two thumbs and has run out of ways to say this season is crazy? This guy.

"Hey, look! She's got cookies!"

Release the Kreklow! - With a 4-game win over the Gators, Missouri is still undefeated.

In other undefeated news - Hilbert's Hoagies ALMOST dropped one to UNLV, but survived the weekend unscathed.

Purdue re: Devaney, "Meh." - The Boilers looked 8,000 red-blooded red-wearing Husker fans in the eye and walked out with a 4-game win. That's like stealing the Mona Lisa in front of 8,000 cops.

Your weekly "Surely they've won one by now" update on Cincinnati - Nope. Not yet.

But Mississippi State won two in a row! - With two sweeps, MSU won their first 6 games of the SEC season, along with their first two SEC matches. Tell that to your stupid hot seat thread, VolleyTalk!

Badgers don't care for Wolverines, thrive against Spartans - Well that was weird. BTW, "cheers to the Big Ten Network for mic'ing Coach Sheffield during the match. "Jeers" for giving viewers the most innocuous, uninteresting soundbites possible.

The 2013 Bruins: Unpredictable, right? - Can anyone explain anything UCLA has done? Beating Arizona State in three straight in Tempe seems to go along with everything else, in that it doesn't go with anything else.

Mick sees your win at ASU, raises you a loss at Tucson. - That Rubio. What a ham.

Cathy George hates this past weekend - Things were going swimmingly for MSU until they faced a couple of rodents, Badgers and Gophers, and then it all went to hell.

The Valley is so, like, over - OK, not "over," but CSUN finally lost a conference game, to the Gauchos a la Lantagne.

Penn State escapes with a record for Russ - There's probably no such thing as the luck of the Nittany, but holy moly did PSU dodge a bullet at Huff Hall, winning 15-12 in the fifth to get Russell to 2nd on the all-time wins list, behind only Mollie Kavanagh. Wait, that can't be right...

Irish love / hate state of Florida - Huge win over Miami is unceremoniously followed by a 8, 23, and 13 loss to the Seminoles. Haha, that's so Florida, right? Always beating and losing to Notre Dame and stuff.

Lehigh victorious in the battle of Lafayette - I just like the sound of it, like it's a subhead in a book about the American Revolution. "Under the direction of General Bertucci, the troops of Lehigh outflanked Lafayette to secure the 5-game siege."

Today's Terrible Joke - TEN aces for the Huskies in 5-game win has Stanford playing like an old Zenith: bad reception. #applianceburn

Hey, anything new with Texas? - Not much. Still winning. Pretty standard stuff, really.


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