Sunday, November 10, 2013

Now that's a weekend.

That's...unfortunate? - Jordan Shaw notched her 1,000th kill, but at what cost!? I say at what cost?! Well, they lost to Pepperdiners and LMU, so...yay?

I see you, Va Tech! - Big honkin' Hokie weekend, with wins over Miami and Fla St., which should take the sting out of last weekend's shenanigans.

Mizzou?! - Still undefeated.

Texas?! - Still winning.

So one game blowouts mean nothing now? - Central Michigan beat Western Michigan 25-8 in game one, then lost in five. Sacred Heart beat CCSU 25-7 in game three, then lost in five. Georgia Tech won game three 25-11 against NC State, then lost in five. Indiana State beat Missouri State 25-11 in game two and then lost in five. The lesson? Never try _too_ hard.

Illinois still playing with fire - They are soooo close to being in or out of the tourney, the school is thinking of changing their name from Fighting Illini to Scrubbing Bubbles. Three wins in a row have them looking better.

Wahoo for Wahoos! - At 15-11 and 8-6, UVA is almost back to where they were during the Reign of Shelton.

Congrats to Yale...for now - Yale becomes the first qualifier for the NCAA tournament, and in return most likely gets a 48-hour pass to Happy Valley. Enjoy. (BTW, you know all Ivy League kneepads are made out from tweed, right?)

Who woke up SJSU? - Three wins in a row over Nevada, San Diego State, and UNLV. What gives?


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