Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's gettin' mighty interesting out there...

The dream is still alive! - With home sweeps of Purdue and Indiana, the Fightin' Scrubbing bubbles of Illinois are now two matches over .500. This is like being down to your last man in Galaga but still needing 30,000 points for the high score.

Look who brought their brooms to Florida - Mizzou got over a huge Gator-sized bump with a 3-0 win in G'ville.

Take that, RPI! - Seton Hall upsets Creighton, which means the Blue Jays will probably move up three spots in the next rankings...

Well that was rude. - First year at UCSB, and Lantagne Welch is already making life miserable for the neighborhood veteran, CSUN, by beating them in 5. Manners!

It happened again - Utah Valley beats Cal St. Bakersfield 25-9 in the first game, loses the match 16-14 in the fifth. Is this a pumpkin / midnight type of phenomenon? Is there a certain hour at which some teams lose their mojo?

Armed forces conflagration ends in peaceful detente - Fancy way of saying Army beat Navy.

Vansant: still pretty average - 21 kills and only 3 errors in 48 swings is certainly one way to beat the Trojans, I mean, if you're in to that kind of...excellence.

The other way to beat USC - Hit .100 points lower, have 7 fewer blocks, yet still squeak out a 21-19 win in the fifth game, the way Washington State did.


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