Sunday, October 27, 2013

You know, no one wants to dominate anymore...

"C'mon, guys, quit fooling around. No one's got my keys?"

Remember the good ol' days when a team would tear off a billion conference wins in a row? Remember? Well, no one wants to do it anymore. This is the New Volleyball, which is a lot like the Old Volleyball, but with a more Thunderdome-type unpredictability.

Sunday was the day that tomorrow is another day was talking about! - That's a very confusing way to announce that...CINCINNATI HAS WON! The streak is over after a 5-game win over future Big Ten member Rutgers. 

Something's amiss in paradise - School has been canceled this week and all government buildings closed (theoretically) until someone figures out why the Wahine have lost 3 of their last 4 to UCSB, Northridge, and UC Davis.

Illinois continues to play with fire - They were pushing their luck already with that bananas pre-conference schedule, but then the Illini go and lose a practically must-win match against Northwestern, only to turn around and beat Wisconsin. Pick a side, Illinois!

The Utes? Or the two youths? - Oh My Cousin Vinnie. Still relevant. Anyway, hats off to Beth Launiere and Utah for winning everything from A to Z in AZ. 

UGA gets landmark win over UK - Stemke turning things around, etc., the beginning of a new era, blah blah blah, then lose to Alabama and almost to Mississippi State, yadda yadda yadda...

Is beating Nebraska a _bad_ thing? - That's what Cathy George's gotta be asking herself. Sparty has lost 4 in a row (Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Indiana) since beating the Huskers. Is beating Nebraska like watching that videotape from The Ring?

Hurricanes foiled by Wake - That's four in a row for UM. Time for a GM2 adjustment? Is there a Gold Medal Cubed?

States beating states - Indiana State beats Illinois State, North Dakota State beats South Dakota State. In accordance with federal law, the losing team must work the winning team's state fair selling elephant ears for charity.  

Penn State lowers the boom - 9, 11, 16 against Ohio State. 8, 8, 11 against Iowa. Da-yum, son.

Incarnate Word? Word. - 25-3 in game 2 over New Orleans. Talk about the spirit of the Lord moving you.


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