Sunday, August 30, 2009

Knee-jerk reactions! Now with 20% more exclamation points!

Stanford stinks! STINKS! And 6-2s are, like, sooo 2004. /disapproving Wintour stare

Huskers get swept on their home court! Fans are surprisingly OK with it!

Wisconsin's 2008 rain cloud is back! And it's raining cats and-- wait for it, waaaiiitt for iiiiit-- Dolgners! (Today's pun brought to you by John Tawa. John Tawa: he brings good puns to life.)

Penn State is...! Well, OK, they're still pretty good.

Duke is good! But Godzilla is better!

Notre Dame beats the Cardinal?! That Robin Duke IS a good coach!

Carico is good again!

Western Michigan just woke up to find Bobby Ewing in their shower! (Extra points for degree of difficulty reference.)

Long Beach may be 0-2 but they're back, right? Right? Hello?

Gimmillaro likes to argue with the refs! So does Jerritt!

Weishoff is COY! Piggott was better than Andy ever knew!

And finally:

This! Is! SPARTA!

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