Sunday, September 29, 2013

That's some weekend, right? With all the winning and stuff?

"Is he still looking at us? Someone check. Not at the same time!"

SPARTA! - How 'bout Sparty knocking off #1 PSU in Happy Valley? Is there any chance Michigan saw that result and thought, "Oh, great, thanks for nothing..."

Colorado beats UCLA? - Remember when Colorado didn't win a game in the Pac 12? And they would do that weird interpretive dance number before their opponents would serve? Oh Sealy...

It's the NEW and IMPROVED Cal Poly! - It slices, it dices -- it's 90% dolphin-free -- and now approved for sweeps in the Big West over UCI and LBSU!

Mizzounds! - Just a heads up. Don't want you to get overly excited, but Missouri is 16-0 and 48-2 in games. Again, not getting ahead of ourselves, just putting it out there.

...and it's polar opposite - Cincy. Oh, dear beloved Cincy: 0-15.

Then there's DePaul - DYK, their 5-game loss to Shymansky, Bond, was their first of the season?

UGA VB predicts the future - A day before the football team knocked off LSU in a shootout, volleyball did the same. Corso still picked the Tigers.

Latest report from the Valley: Still bitchin' - After a brief setback against Washington, the Matadors are back on track with a win over UC Davis. Moon Unit should come sing the National Anthem sometime.

The Fickle 2-Balls of Saint Mary's  - Not good enough to beat BYU, but good enough to give USD another loss.

So whatever happened to Quinnipiac? - Remember the Little Program That Could? Won that lawsuit against their own school when it tried to get rid of them and claim cheerleading was a varsity sport? 2-13, Pablo 320. Well played, Quinnipiac Athletic Department, well played.


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