Sunday, October 6, 2013

Monday Morning Mood Elevator

"What do you mean my beard doesn't look real?"

USCee Ya, Stanford - Just didn't see that coming. Not the win, but the sweep. I had no idea Mick was so proficient with the Swiffer.

Holy Incongruousness!  - How do you beat someone 25-9 and lose the match? Ask UW-Green Bay, as they took game one 25-9, then lost in 5, 18-16.

Holy Huff Hall! - Already mathematically eliminated from the NCAA Tournament (source: VolleyTalk), Illini didn't care and walked into the Wolverines' Den for a win.

Holy Buffs Ball! - Really? Really. Colorado beats Washington. Next thing you know Romo's gonna throw for over 500 yards and lose. What's that? He did? Well there you go.

Pitt as a Metaphor for Life - Some days you conquer Hokies, some days you get beat by Wahoos.

Hey There, Young Feller!  - Cal got their first-ever sweep at UCLA this weekend, and almost beat USC in 5! Everybody head to SliderBar! Wooo!

U-N-C-efeated! - I'm not proud of that. But, North Carolina is still undefeated.

(Psst...Missouri is too, past it on) - In comic books, "kreklow" is the sound thunder makes during a storm.

Boiler Box Is a Pressure Cooker of Mixed Results! - Sweep of Buckeyes and a near 5-game miss against the Russ Rose Department of Analytical Dynamics, that's a weekend.

Ducks Don't Do Deserts - That's what I glean from a 4-game loss to Arizona, I suppose. I don't know. I don't really understand the Pac 12 or Big Ten anymore. Plus, Oregon then beat ASU, so...

Talk about an Irish Wake [you're welcome] - Too late to get back in the Big East? No? Not possible? Too early for flapjacks?

Ramblin' Wreck FTW - Gotta keep it current for those college kids and their special lingo. It's all about demographics these days. Oh and great win for YJs.

Butler Shows Blue Jays the Door - Four-game win over Creighton? "Right this way, madames et monsieurs."

Nebraska Defeats Various Rodents - As in Gophers 3-0 and Badgers in 5 to move to 4-0 in the Big Ten. But, go ahead, Internet, tell us everything John Cook did wrong. You know you wanna.

Directional Battle - Western Michigan beats Eastern Michigan while Central Michigan is all, "This is between y'all. WORLD STAR!"

St. Francis defeats St. Francis - Just as was foretold in the "The Multiverse Bible".


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