Sunday, December 5, 2010

Florida v. Florida State had it all, baby!

"Did I say 'four hits?' I, I say crazy things all the time. Replay!"

Big plays! Big swings! Big... tips that should have been swings! This one had it all! Including the worst case of timing in a call reversal, perhaps ever.

And we get it, non-Gators. You can't stand Mary, and it appeared as if her "enthusiastic" challenging of the call influenced the refs, but it was still 13-11. Yes, the ref screwed up by calling 4 hits when there were only 3, and then reversing her call. But it was still 13-11. 

If you want to blame anyone, blame Florida's Erin Fleming, who absolutely refused to let any of the ensuing crosscourt BOMBS to get past her. Or blame the hitters that kept testing her. 

Kudos to Florida's play-by-play announcer for losing his mind during the late stages of the match, by the way. Everyone loves an auditory train wreck, and that was gorgeous. 

Plus it helped fuel the messageboard rumor that the referees used video replay to reverse the call. Never has a chain of events been so overly scrutinized, and most of it being done by people who apparently weren't even at the match. 

THAT... is one amazing match.


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