Monday, December 6, 2010

Tournament quotes are the bestest quotes of all.

"We thought we'd be able to catch Texas asleep tonight and pounce like an ambushed predator. " - Mike Sealy. Well, right, except... how do you pounce like an ambushed predator? Is this one of those crouching tiger / hidden dragon things?

"Members of the Orange Curtain, which consisted of members of the CSUF men’s volleyball club, parents, and former Titan volleyball team members made the seven-hour trip to Stanford." - from the Daily Titan. The Orange Curtain may be a decent cheer section, but they can't top Washington's cheer section, The Purple Drapes.

"I'm pretty pleased and excited to go to Dayton for the regional." - Mick Haley. That just sounds... weird.

"So I think I do rely pretty heavily on Blair, which I don't think is a bad thing because, as you see from her stats and her season and her career, she's kind of a big deal." - PSU's Kristin Carpenter on teammate Blair Burgundy.

"I loved coaching this team and I'm sorry that the season had to come to an end." - Kentucky's Craig Skinner voicing a sentiment expressed by many coaches in the tournament. Once, just once, you know you'd like to see a coach say, "The season's over, and... THANK GOD. I hate this team, I can't stand these people, I wanna go home. Suck it."

"There's something nice about being on the road after we finish finals. It's kind of like we get to hang out like it was preseason again. We get to hang out and be together, do arts and crafts." - Cassidy Lichtman, looking forward to a week of... finger painting and decoupage, apparently.

"As my good friend Steve [Spurrier] would say, 'Maybe the gods were smiling on the Gators.'" - Mary Wise, head Gator and shameless name-dropper.

“I’m happy that we won, but I'm also educated in the national championship pursuits and this wasn't a great, clean effort out there.” - Russ Rose on the Niagara win. How does one become educated in the national championship pursuits? Is that post-grad or...?

"Junior Aleksandra Gerogieva set a new career high with four assists." - from the Notes section of the Cal / North Carolina match. You tell me.

"In your mind, you think that when you win this sub-regional and you're going to the Sweet 16, it's going to be a festive deal and you're going to feel like you're going to want to go out and enjoy a cold beverage or something; but already you are starting to worry about who you are going to play and thinking about all the things you got to do. I will still probably get a cold beverage, but I think you don't have a lot a time as a coaching staff to do those things." - Dave Shondell, showing excellent syntax in the use of the unique phrase "cold beverage."


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