Sunday, December 12, 2010

Honestly, not much else could have happened this weekend

WOW! All this and Mike Hebert retires?


I'm a wreck. Who's got a cigarette. 

The only way this weekend could've been more intriguing is if there was a power outage at one of the regional sites, and when the power came back on, they discovered that one of the liberos had been kidnapped by Freemasons.

Nebraska and Washington - People, people, people! [insert Rodney King cliche]? Another classic chapter in this lovefest, but with a confrontational twist at the end. Nobody's ever claimed Cook was a man of the people, but McLaughlin went all Red Ross in reaction to whatever it was that Cook said.

Cinderella, of the West Lafayette Cinderellas - Purdue's tournament run was the stuff of legend, honestly. You lose one player with an ACL. Then the next weekend you beat Florida, the #1 seed. Then you jump all over Texas on their home court, only to see your setter pop her hamstring... your setter who's dad passed away earlier that day. HONESTLY. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough magic left in the pumpkin to overcome all of that (and what pumpkin could?), and a thunderous Texas crowd powered the Longhorns to the Final Four. Sidebar: Can bagging on Jerritt's coaching ability stop being a meme now? I think the guy's earned his stripes.

Classic PAC 10 elimination round - Too much gravitational pull by Jupiter, too much Falyn the Destroyer. And how does Klineman not get a swing in the last three points?

Post-game three huddle must have been AWESOME - Duke beats Penn State! At Penn State! Well, at least, in game 3 they did, after which the Nittany Lions blew through game 4 to punch their already-punched ticket to the Final Four (that's a punch redundancy). Committee members, you should be expecting flowers from Happy Valley aaaany day now. And for what it's worth, a post-match fracas between Russ and Jolene would've been soooo much more entertaining.

That Rich Feller's got somethin' goin' on - Cal looks great. That's all.


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